The Best Search Engine So Far....

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*Dang thats a HOT picture, You like that don't you?*

Which Search Engine is better?

Google, Yahoo, Ask? What are the differences? Do they all give the same or similar results? Does it really matter?.....I forgot about Dogpile, all engines in one.... I'm pretty much getting all the same results either way.

Lemme ask you, isn't it all the same in the end? Is there a solution for more better quality searches? No, there isn't.

Ok, I get the point now, now tell me what is Swagbucks is already.

Sure, This Is What Swagbucks is

Swagbucks is powered by Google and ask. That way, you Google or ask lovers out there, nothing much would change. The quality should be near equal either way. Yahoo? Forget you. All you have to do is use Swagbucks like you would normally do like any other engine. You'll earn points, which are exchanged for prizes. I believe that Swagbucks guaranteed a prize at the end, since it is so easy to reach the first prize.
Alright, alright, calm down a bit. They may be a point system, but it is a rather fast one. You will earn 1-5 Swagbucks for every 1-10 searches. The closest prize is a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate (40 Swagbucks) which is da*n close!

*Heres a hint, Swagbucks can only be earn once every 15-30 minutes*


This is unbelievable, Swagbucks has such a great system. This is are the benefits for each referral you earn

  • Bonus Swagbucks Just For Signing-Up
  • Every 1 Swagbuck they Earn You Earn
  • Limit is 100 bucks Per referral Though

In the end. You don't get anything from using Google, Yahoo, Ask, Or Dogpile (I didn't forget you this time ha) But why not use a different search engine instead? The results are pretty much the same with any search engine. But don't you want to win something for all your work? I think SO!

Don't be a loser. Forget the big companies. Earn Something While You Search Online!

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